Cambridge Preliminary and First Trainer Books: Complementary Lesson Plans

What do you think of Cambridge’s Preliminary and First Trainer Books? We use them in our second year B1 and B2 Cambridge exam preparation courses.

For those of you unfamiliar with the books, they provide 6 Cambridge exams which provide great practice for those preparing for the official exams.

However, despite there being some grammar and vocabulary practice in tests 1 and 2, these books, from my view point, are lacking in these areas. Yes, lots of exam practice, but there’s little in the way of grammar and vocabulary training. In this sense, the Object Preliminary and Objective First books are great – lots of grammar and vocabulary, but little exam practice.

Having used these Trainer books for 2 years now, I’m building up quite a big set of lesson plans which I thought I’d share with other ELT Cambridge teachers in case you find them useful.

Here below, you’ll see them separated into B1 and B2. I hope they’re useful!